Matilda Newport Junior High School Library Renovation Project

Having a fully functioning library and computer lab is one of many conditions for learning that can help to improve student learning outcomes. When we adopted the school, the existing school library at Matilda Newport Jr. High was in disrepair, with a leaky roof, broken windows, missing tiles, and outdated books. The school also did not have a computer lab. As part of the renovation project we did the following:

  • Installed sliding windows to keep the rain and dust out
  • Repaired the leaking roof
  • Retiled the floor
  • Added new chairs and bookshelves
  • Converted a storage room into a computer lab
  • Painted the walls and bookshelves

To complete this project, we intend to do the following:

  • Install proper lighting
  • Install an air conditioner
  • Install a power generator
  • Add at least 20 computers with downloaded academic content
  • Provide more up-to-date books and learning aids for the library

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Phase One Renovation

(Creating a computer lab within the student library and preparing the roof)

Phase Two Renovation

(Replacing the windows with sliding windows, adding glass doors and burglar resistant bars/ doors )

Phase Three Completion

Painting the entire library 

Replacing the tiles

Phase Four - Books and Computer Lab

Renovation Cost $20,000

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